Kit & Con

Kit and Con

A sassy Canadian meets a shady Australian. She; a minimalist inspired bass playing chanteuse with a poet’s ear for street-story delivery. He; a percussion prodigy with card shark sticks and a hotwired electric kick pedal.

Not much was said, but a plan was hatched.

They would travel the world as an indie rock two-piece, breaking hearts and reshaping ears as the originators of the “bass & drum” sound.

She would play skeleton dub riffs on four strings and would provide the microphone alibi if the authorities caught up. He would play polyrhythmic beats with an internal click track and drive the getaway car.

If anyone asked, they would be called Kit & Con.

Fourteen songs later, their bags are packed with “23 kilos”, their debut album.

Kit&Con - 23 Kilos

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