Born in rural Ontario (Canada), Mirika started writing and performing at the age of eight. By the age of seventeen the fledgling songstress had honed her compositional skills, learnt to play guitar and autoharp and was awarded the Eastern Ontario Jr. Writer of the Year Award. Not content to rest on her young laurels, the ever evolving songstress then moved to Quebec, where she recorded her debut album Your Absence Kills Cities, featuring the dynamic track Taxi which earned her the Quebec Songwriter of the Year Award (Songwriters Association of Canada).

Always in search of fresh inspiration, Mirika embarked on her own gypsy pilgrimage which took her from Prague (Czech Republic), to Vancouver (Canada), and onto Auckland (New Zealand) where she released her sophomore album, My Electronic Alter-Ego My Organic Other-Half . It was here that she learned to play bass, keys and drums, hit number 32 on the charts co-writing with Reg Keyworth, and was awarded  a Local Hero Medal by the New Zealand government (New Zealander of the Year Awards) for establishing music and arts programs for young people.

But it was her love of the stage that inspired her to follow a bigger audience.  In 2011 Mirika moved to Melbourne (Australia)-where the cities population exceeded the entire country of New Zealand.  Under the alias of Kit, she fronted indie bass and drum two-piece Kit & Con and released their debut album 23 Kilos prior to a European tour.  With her kitten-eared alter-ego satisfying her inner indie, Mirika simultaneously recorded another 13 tracks for her third solo album, The Little Ginger In Me Loves The Little Ginger In You released in November 2012.  Standout singles, Red Headed Woman and Legs 4 Africa received extensive international airplay on some of the most reputable stations such as BBC6 (UK) and B.FM (New Zealand).

The back to back releases were born out of Mirika’s personal goal to release 5 consecutive albums in 5 years.  2013′s release sees Mirika back on bass/vocals with rock&roll noir band, Black Rooster Black Shag.  This profound and ever-evolving songwriter is known for being a genre-bender, but at the root of every project is her passion for storytelling and a life full of adventure.