Legs 4 Africa Video Launch

So I’ve been picked on for being short- not that I am- I am regular height or so the height charts all say.  But non-the-less, there have been sneers and jabs and so I made this little music video to put one highly manicured finger in the air to anyone who thinks ya got to be a supper tall, big-busted, white woman to be hot!  And that’s not to say your not hot if you are a tall, big-busted white girl- ya are, we all are- that’s the freakin’ point!  So please share this video out to all the lovely ladies you know because there are a 100 messages telling us every day that we are not (fill in the blanks) enough, and sometimes we all need a little f*ck you sing-along anthem.

Mirika Legs 4 Africa Official Music Video


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