Camden Barfly? Don’t mind if I do.

What I wicked weekend in London and an even better gig at Camden Barfly supporting JJ Symon.  JJ Symon and I are going to be going into the studio this week to start work on an amazing collaboration.   After playing some of the best stages together all over the world, we figure we might as well be in the same band! 2013 is going to the year- I just have a feeling.  Been proud of what I have done musically this year and once it all comes together, it’s gotta go somewhere:)  All I can ask is that I continue to make music that I like, meet people I have heaps of fun with and work with folks that inspire me.  All you can really ask for eh.  But I do hope that I get to play more at Barfly next year- it is such a mint venue.  Next London show is Friday 18th January at The Spice of Life in Soho-come early, cause it gets packed.


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