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Just a few more sleeps till the launch of my next album

I am beyond excited for Friday- it is not so much that it is a launch party and therefore so much more special then a regular gig, but more because this album really, truelly says what I want to say as a musician.  I like the diversity of songs and the authenticity of it all.  JJ Symon did such amazing production work- it keeps the vibe- it’s not sickeningly polished. I have so many people to thank for the album, and yet it has also given me a platform to thank things that make my day brighter- gingers, the lemonheads, wingman, david bowie,  supermodels. Fingers crossed the Legs 4 Africa video is finished in time for the show:)

I need a little Support: James Riley Feature

So I met James Riley at The Purple Turtle of all places many months back.  His disarming Americana soul music isn’t something you typically see in London, which is ironic considering he won the London Busker’s Award this year in an elaborate official ceremony.  Like any new musical obsession, I was torn between splashing his awesomeness across the internet, or keeping his music secretly to myself- tucked securely in my CD player.  But alas, he is just too good to keep quiet about.
James Riley has that music that feels very familiar because it is so unassumingly catchy.  It’s emotionally engaging without loosing it’s cool. And James himself is very much like that- kind, humble, intelligent and driven.  James is so comfortable on stage and his songs are genuine and well crafted.  Now I have only seen James play with his ridiculously cool spoon-playing little sister Kitty, but he will be bringing his 8-piece orchestra to the show and it is gonna be mean.
If you are in London on Friday November 2nd, I would ask you come celebrate the release of my 3rd solo album ‘The Little Ginger In Me Loves The Little Ginger In You’ at The Purple Turtle, Camden Town.  James is gonna be one of many rocking support acts (and I handpicked them all so you know they are good).



Check out more from James Riley:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzIXS35JwDI

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamesrileysongs?fref=ts







And the anticipation grew…

So it has come to the exciting part!  Got the new album back from the printers and it always sounds so much better when it has been pressed:) The posters and flyers are looking fantastic thanks to some fantastic design work from Mikel Krumins who will also be playing at the launch on November 2nd. along with the very talented James Riley.

Check out the poster and make sure you get your tickets in advance at EOI Productions  so that you get a free CD at the Purple Turtle




New Album November 2nd at The Purple Turtle

The Little Ginger Album Cover!!!

I am so excited to announce that my new album ‘The Little Ginger In Me Loves The Little Ginger In You’ will be released into this world this Friday November 2nd 2012.  And are we ever gonna celebrate the release with a grand old launch party at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town, London.

I am supper excited to be sharing the stage with some amazing musicians including  my steller backing band ‘The Wealthy Commons’ and supports James Riley with his 8 piece bluegrass and soul explosion and, resident ginger himself,  Mikel Krumnis.  Mikel is also the man responsible for this amazing album art you see before you.

So this is what I have been working on…
These things always take longer then you expect, but I am immensely happy with the album.  Like any muso, I always put the most energy into making the music and never enough celebrating that it is done- but I am gonna try my very best to have a bit more balance with that this time.  I would really appreciate if you all would share out all the new and exciting videos you are gonna start seeing to help your friends discover some fierce female music lol.  Seriously, it would be a big help cause DIY is the new indie.

So mark November 2nd on your calendars- cause there is a little Canadian/Kiwi out there that is gonna have a really big day that day. And don’t forget to go to www.eoiproductions.com to buy your ticket in advance and get a free CD at the door:)