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Two Shows In One Day

Had a ripper weekend- perhaps one of the best since I have been in London.  Saturday I played the Acklam Market (just off portabello rd).  I’ve played there once before solo, but this time I brought the band.  I have been playing with those boys so much that I am gonna have to think of a name for them.  I figure that since we are from Canada, Australia, England and New Zealand respectively, that we may call ourselves ‘Mirika & The Wealthy Commons’- they are just supper good and I am always impressed by their choice musical tastes.

So after a killer show with the boys, it was straight home to grab the bass and play a second show at the Spice of Life in Soho with Kit&Con.  The opening act was awol, so Mossuto and I got to play a near double set.  London has this thing for 30min sets, and it really sucks as a musician.  Getting a chance to really play is amazing.  And, the best part of the gig was that a random massive group of girls who went to see us play…. a massive group of HOT girls.  It was just one of those freak things, but I felt pretty rock star looking out on a screaming audience of chicks!  I would imagine that there will be a lot more guys at my next show though- once word gets out about Saturday’s audience!