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The Great Escape

We had an amazing time at this year’s Great Escape in Brighton, England.  There were a few top picks.

Beth Jeans Houghton: I really loved how natural and surreal Beth Jeans’ show was.  She was kooky as all hell and very charming- if not slightly unpolished.  Her voice itself has this strange ethereal quality while still having some grit- like when Tinkerbelle gets angry.  Plus she looks like my doppelganger so that is always amusing.   http://www.facebook.com/BethJeansHoughton?ref=ts 

Deaf Club: My second pick, but with a great commercial appeal.  I didn’t want their set to end.   For anyone who grew up with 90’s chick rock, you will find it now has a more metrosexual feel. http://www.facebook.com/deafclubmusic?sk=wall&filter=12



Counting down the days

Just a few weeks now before Simon Mossuto, Kit & Con’s drummer extraordinaire, returns to London.  I have literally got excited about our show on June 2nd every day for the last few weeks.

I’ve been anticipating playing music with so many great people lately.  I will be sharing the stage with Mark Beach in Montreal this summer and I am playing regularly with the best guitarist I have ever seen in the form of Dave Tither gearing up to my next solo album.  I also have another collaboration that I have been keeping on the down low for a while now- but I will say that I am just really grateful to  share this passion with others.  We can’t all be crazy…


A month off shows before it gets crazy

Man, I have a whole month off shows!  It is crazy how much free time I have.  I am writing like crazy, can think about videos and even update my blog- and I am only in week one!  So I am pretty happy- I miss playing already, but there are so many aspects of music outside the actual performance- it has been great having more time for them.

Having a break means I can also get heaps of work done on my bass-arm.  I busted it about 10 years ago and, if I don’t take care of it, bass will no longer be possible.  I have been meeting a lot of people lately that have gone through long periods of not being able to play because of injuries and it has been really inspiring and heart-warming to share stories.  I am going to look into what supports there are out there for us musos, cause it is even hard to find a muso dr, osteo, physio, etc… a person that actually realises that ya go nuts when you can’t play.   Must find out what already exists…

Okay- I took a break to research muso supports and this is all I found:


Something tells me I am going to be starting my own organisation:)  or maybe I should actually just take some time off…