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Overlap is the word of the day

Overlap- it is the word so characteristic of my life… that and multi-tasking!  I am down to the final bits of the new album- final listens, mastering, artwork… print quotes… it should be fun, but I would rather be onto the next project (okay so I have been working on the next project on the sly already), but I am trying my best to knuckle down and finish one thing before I start the next:)

The next step is videos.   I dred videos, not because I don’t like being on camera, but because it takes so freaking long!!!  I am sure I am biassed, but I think most seasoned musicians can keep it together when things go wrong BECAUSE they have to keep playing through even the most terrible mistakes; industries that involve the word ‘cut’ breed a certain type of perfectionist.  I would much rather be in a garage working out new music with the boys, but video is GOD these days.

So after my gig at the World’s End this Friday 13th, I will be off to a dancer’s house to workout some choreography for a future video, while a mate sorts out the artwork for the album and another mate sorts the mastering and then it is printing and promotion and… stuff it, I’m gonna just go play some music!

Mirika @ The Wilmington Arms London 2012