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Music Videos and Extended House Guests

There was the great rush to do all things Kit & Con from the moment we got back to London and started setting up shop.  I knew Con was going back to Australia and we filmed two video shoots within weeks.
Plus Side was perhaps the most fun to shoot- we holed up at Stoke Newington International Airport- this half venue/half artist residence that throws the sickest parties.  Note to self- do not film barefoot on concrete- after dancing around in my slinky red dress for 10 hours, I had one mean-ass cold that lasted a good week after the shoot.
So it was with some trepidation when we decided to go traipsing around London to shoot ‘Oriflamme’.  Kit & Con is anarchist pop- and it made sense that the two videos we shoot were for songs with political undertones- Plus Side was written when I immigrated to New Zealand before I had any residence rights- I couldn’t vote and it was frustrating to not be able to have a say in the place I called home… and Oriflamme means a ‘symbol to rally around’, a phrase coined after the French started carrying a red flag into battle… suffice to say the best place to film the video was at Tent City at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London England.
Go to the video page and check them out.