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My new life in London

This city has class

So I have now had the experience of going ‘back home’ to a city that has never been my home (nor feels like it for that matter).  But London has its charms, and now that I have had some time to settle in, I dare say I am growing to like the place.  The best thing about the city by far is the incredible amount of talented musicians, and I have had the fortune of playing with some amazing people.  I’m of the mind that life is always good as long as there is good music around.
Of course, going anywhere new there is always the challenge of sifting through a heck of a lot of bad music to get to some pure audio gold.  Man, I have seen some bad shows here too (I actually saw a guy eat a hamburger on stage at the end of his set… chewing into a microphone is just gross).  But then there is this whole other breed of musicians that play in multiple bands with other great musos… the type of folks you can just call up and be on stage with them the next day.  I’ve been supper inspired and been experimenting with a bigger, more intricate sound… something big to ballance out the minimalism of ’23 Kilos’.


Holland My Love

"You shared your music for me so I'll share this photo with you" - I couldn't resist a picture with this guy after playing in Amsterdam

Our second trip to Holland was supper fun and we played tourists while poor Mossuto stayed home sick in bed. We played some music, we saw bands, we wondered the streets, we went to a lot of music shops and partied like the best of them…  But it was clear we were all ready to go home.

By the end of the trip all  I was looking forward to were the little things- privacy and fresh vegetables!  I see less kebabs in my future… at least until the next tour.

You would never go barefoot in Paris

JJ Symon And I Settle For The View In Paris

Paris had moments of amazing beauty, but I for one prefer raunch over romance!  I would have given anything for a dirty rock n’ roll band and my bare feet in the grass.

We walked clear across the city; with the intention of seeing some sights and then checking out some live music.  It’s a city of Wine Bars and DJs and we thought the venues would never appear.  To be honest, we got a bit distracted when a homeless fight busted out in front of us.  It was one of those scenes where you should look away… one homeless person peed on another guys tent and then the wife was out of the tent yelling in her knickers… anyway, by the time we found the venues the bands were all finishing.

So we climbed to the highest point we could find, sat down, drank with the locals and wrote a little love song to Amsterdam.