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Nintendos and Darmstad Flower Shops

Kit & Con Sign The Guest Book Post Gig

I don’t know if it is possible to fall in love with a venue so immediately as I did with Das Blumen in Darmstad.  The building is run by a collective of architects that aim to develop venues in beautiful buildings.  Das Blumen was named after its former life as a flower store and featured a stunning stare case and cute features such as the Nintendo smoking room.  I loved it so much that we tried to do some video the next day, but the light just did not turn out- the shame of down-home productions.
The next day we played under a music school in a venue built like the bat cave.  While the drums students practiced above, we got home-cooked meals on a white table cloths, followed by the best sound check (the mixer actually came on stage for a while and had a jam with us), and topping off with a packed out show.  Kit & Con got a record 3 encores and we sold heaps of cds.   I admit, I had ‘performers high’ which came crashing down when we got to Paris…