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Tales of a Gypsy Muso: from bad to good

About everything that could go wrong in preparing for the tour went wrong; our car got broken into, the cd shipment got stuck at customs, then the car broke… but then Holland was the little light at the end of the tunnel and suddenly luck was back on our side.

We played in Utrecht at bar called De Bastaard- who usually do more theater but were happy to play amazing hosts to Kit & Con and fellow muso JJ Symon.  About 45 min from Amsterdam, Utrecht is much less touristy and we got to meet lots of locals.  We did some busking in the afternoon next to a girl’s sorority graduation ceremony- Con was slightly distracted by the girls trying to talk to him mid drum solo, but we still played supper well:)

Amsterdam was next with a throw-down performance in front of the IAMSTERDAM in the afternoon and a joint JJ Symon vs. Kit & Con show at Skek in the evening.  I had some problems with my bass so ended up having to do a guitar set on the fly… but being so close to the red light district, I figured ‘anything goes’:)

Tales Of A Gypsy Muso: London

Went to this amazing show last night called Breakout (www.musicweek.com/breakout)! It is held once a month in the Proud Galleries just off the Camden Markets and plays up and coming acts.  It has a wicked main stage (good sound too). Between bands you go to these converted horse stables down the back and see acoustic acts play.  I am gutted because I only caught the tale-end of Alex Winston(www.alexwinstonofficial.com) and she was the standout of the night for me.  And a little tip if you want to go next month, visit the website and you can get on the guest list:)

A Little Rhythm Please…

I miss Con- he doesn’t arrive until September 19th and then it is straight on the road to our show in Prague with a stop in Holland on the way.  The bass just doesn’t sound the same without drums… and the kitten ears look a bit funny outside of context… bring on the 19th!

Tales of a Gypsy Muso: Gig Hunting

Not going to lie to you- emailing people for gigs is demoralising! I would much rather hunt out the venues, see some great bands and have some wicked chats along the way. Saw this great venue last night called The Spice of Life in Soho last night (http://www.spiceoflifesoho.com) and a venue called The Live Room’ in Palmers Green on Sunday (http://www.theliveroomlondon.com/). The days in London are long and grey, but the city is amazing at night. The stages are not as pristine as the ones in Melbourne, but the house pianos are always in tune… and people encore here! So London, I think I am gonna like playing here… and the gig hunting is shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Tales of A Gypsy Muso: The Panther

So I finally went out and got a ‘practical gear-toting vehicle’-no more cramming my bass cab into my little hatchback or pleading with taxies that my gear ‘will not damage the interior’…  nope, a huge beast of black estate car… I named her THE PANTHER

Day two later and my brand new car got broken into.  Thankfully all the gear was inside- but windows were smashed, the tent was stolen and of course it was raining…

The patched-up-panther and I are now back in London- gearing up for a mission around Europe.  Just got an adapter for the mini keyboard (that thankfully fits in a suitcase) and will be amp shopping early next week.  Got wheels, need gear…

Tales of a Gypsy Muso: Arriving in the UK

One week in and I like the UK already!

After a nice hot trip through China I am actually okay about ‘bypassing’ summer and going from winter in Melbourne to Fall in London!  Do you know that there is no Facebook in China? I had all this music admin planned and am now playing serious catch-up!

But I guess even musos need a vacation every once and a while:)

Now I am here I can just hit it hard- head out to see people play and discover new music.  Heaps of things to do before Con gets here at the end of the month and we can head out on the road for a little Kit & Con tour of Europe.

Well, guess I should get back too it…