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Kit&Con Launch Party!

Kit & Con vs JJ Symon

Only 3 more sleeps until Kit & Con launches our debut album ’23 Kilos’!  And I am not just excited about sharing our music, because each of the bands on the line-up are supper amazing!  Dual headliner JJ Symon releases his fourth album and Sungod Replica and Jakksen Fish & The Unholy Racket (in which I play tambourine) beef out the supports!  I can’t wait!

Dan O’Connel Melbourne

I love the dan- sure it is a small bar with no stage- but it has the best regulars around!  They like to drink (check), they like good music (check), they like to sit and chat with you after you play (check)… yep, I love the dan and it is a shame that last sunday’s show could be the last (at least for a long while).  So thank you to the staff, and the regulars and the musos that hang out there… it has been fun and, next time when I am in Melbourne, we will have more of those good time… with or without a stage:)

Kit & Con Pre-Releases Out to Radio

Three days of the flue gave me just enough time to make-up some pre-release copies of Kit & Con’s debut album, 23 kilos- research radio shows and make some personal notes to presenters.  But then, they still had to get delivered- so sick or not (and I am sick)- out I went into the cold Melbourne winter to drop off hand-made packages to radio. 

Paying for it today… but it will all pay off when I head Kit & Con being blasted accross the city:)

Now to get back to getting better- got a solo show in two days and

Espy Basement Gig

I am so excited to play the Espy Basement next Thursday 7th July!  The Espy is a Melbourne icon and I have seen some great shows there.  The Basement Bar has a femme-fetal feel and apparently was Melbourne’s first female only bar- it was also home to shady activity from what I hear prior to being remodeled and reopened.