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Recording 2 albums

Been recording two albums at once- Kit & Con, my bass and drum two-piece and my third solo album.   I would not recommend duel recording to anyone, but I think it had to be done.  I have so much material running around in my head and I can’t wait to get it out there.

The Kit & Con album is going to be killer and I have enjoyed experimenting within the limitations of it all.  Fact is, I just love rhythm- put that to melody and my (kitten) ears perk up pretty quick. It’s being produced by Melbourne’s audio-arsonist JJ Symon and working with him has been a true pleasure.

Next up, my third solo album!  All the pre-production work is done and it is just waiting for me to get back into it.  The opposite of Kit & Con, the next solo album is going to be a tapestry of sound with lots of layers and quirky instrumentation (like nose-harp and xylophone).   Think Brian Wilson meets Beck with a heavy-handed dose of Peaches and slight spattering of early influences such as Nina Simone and my beloved Leonard Cohen.

So I guess I should get back to it, eh…